Our $5 Birthday Tradition

I think I might be experiencing the beginnings of a sinus infection today. Consequently, my brain feels like a blob of sludge. Instead of trying to write anything coherent, I’m just going to share lots of photos from our birthday party for the Daddy over the weekend.


If you’re not familiar with our tradition, I take the girls to the Dollar Tree store, give them each $5 and let them pick five things to give their Daddy for his birthday.


As you can imagine, it’s a very fun tradition. I think I enjoy it as much as my husband. I love watching how the girls select their gifts. Lass picked all of hers from the first aisle we entered (office supplies/teaching aids).


So, from her Daddy got fish stickers, glue sticks, a package of plastic clip/link things, some rulers, and a pink, feathery wand/pen (see first pic above).


She was so happy about his reaction to her presents. She gets snuggly when she’s happy:


Like last year, Miss searched the whole store in search of the perfect gifts. We even went down several of the aisles twice. She was so pleased with her selections.


My favorite part of the whole process is seeing how much fun the girls have watching their Dad open the gifts they selected just for him.

DSC_0535 DSC_0539

They feel so proud of themselves when he gets excited over their selections.

DSC_0540 DSC_0541

Gifts from Miss: Scissors, colored paper clips, a dish drying mat, a new pair of glasses, and a pair of earbuds.


Even Sis picked out one gift this year.


A fake apple.

DSC_0547 DSC_0560

My Grandma and aunt got to be with us from Florida for the party this year. Gram made all sorts of fun stuff from the tissue paper, which the girls had a blast with.

DSC_0551 DSC_0553

DSC_0561 DSC_0565


I’m off to wrap presents. Miss has been on me about getting more of them under the tree for her to inspect and question me ceaselessly about.

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2 thoughts on “Our $5 Birthday Tradition

  1. This post brought back some very fond memories of my own. I really, really love that you do this, and I know the special feelings your little ones have. I remember your Grandpa (my Dad) taking me to the drugstore one particular Christmas and giving me a few dollars to buy presents for the family. One present in particular stands out vividly in my mind… I bought your Aunt Sandy a Purple People Eater pencil eraser. She loved it SO MUCH (sure, she did…wink, wink) and, oh, I felt so special and so loved that I had picked out the perfect present for her. We’re talking, probably, 55 years ago! That’s how powerful those kinds of moments can be! Amazing, isn’t it, what one’s heart holds onto??
    Love you all,

    • LOL! What a sweet story. I love that you remember that. Thank you for telling me. I really hope the girls will have memories like that too! Love you! XOXO

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