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So Big, and Yet So Small – The First Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday¬†morning, when I went in to wake Miss up for her first full day of kindergarten away from home, I stood and gazed at her for a second before rousing her. I brushed her hair back from her sleeping face, … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes – Happy 4th of July!

1. I’ve been practicing singing my songs for the Labor Day party. All the songs are on a playlist in my phone, and I usually play them and sing along in the car. The girls really enjoy most of the … Continue reading

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Going to Catholic School?

I met with the principal at the local Catholic school today. Next fall Miss will be starting kindergarten. But since I homeschool my kids, you might wonder why I would bother to meet with a school principal.   I had … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes, Mostly About Wasting Time on the Internet

Linking up with Conversion Diary. 1. Here’s something I’ve learned about myself: I do not like going to a salon for regular maintenance of any kind. This might be a somewhat new-ish development (maybe since having kids?), because I used … Continue reading

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A Brave Birthday

  Miss had such a fun party yesterday. She asked for a Brave-themed party, and I ran with that, keeping it a bit more archery-focused than princess-focused. I have a little bit of a Pinterest obsession, and I found lots … Continue reading

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Skiing, Valentine-ing, and Birthday Prep

I promise I’m not going to make this another post about how sick we have all been. Everyone is really feeling better now. But, I would like to update in order to amend Friday’s post. The one in which I … Continue reading

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I Have Bangs

I have been wanting to make a change to my hair lately. It’s been on my mind, and then when we were at my parents’ house last week Miss saw a 20-year-old photo of me and exclaimed, “Oh! You look … Continue reading

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I Think It’s Interesting!

I went to the library yesterday and grabbed a bunch of stories by one of our new favorite children’s authors, Robert Munsch. We just discovered this prolific author. His stories are cute, funny, and often feature clever protagonists. Some of … Continue reading

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Food, Lies, and Church

I have some rules about food and meals and eating in our house. Though I try not to go overboard with crazy rules, I think these are important as they serve to try to ensure my kids eat in a … Continue reading

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Snow White Birthday Party on the Cheap

You might remember, about a year and a half ago I wrote a post about my “Princess Issue.”¬†I used to have a little bit of an anti-princess attitude. However, I’ve really lightened up on this, and over the past year, … Continue reading

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