7 Quick Takes – Can I make it to seven with child labor, an embarrassing story, and who knows what else?

As I’m beginning to type this, I only have three takes in my head, ready to be poured out onto the screen. Will I manage to get to seven? Well, let’s find out.


Child labor. It’s so nice. I love that my kids are getting old enough that sometimes when they offer to help me with a chore, they are actually helpful. Sometimes.

Like when pulling weeds. I pull weeds every time I go outside with them. So pretty much every day. And I cannot keep up with them (the weeds). So I am so happy that my girls seem to enjoy pulling the “big ones.” They have to work together to get some of the monster weeds we’ve got going on over here.


But usually they do a great job of getting them out, root and all.




Look what came in the mail the other day!


I am so excited. This book was written just for me! Just look at the subtitle.


You all know I’ve had issues feeling like I don’t know how to pray right. I’ve come a long way since writing this post about it. But this book! Perfect for me. I’m only a few pages into the intro, and I am enjoying it so much. Get it here.


I don’t run for exercise anymore. My last marathon in January 2008 ruined it for me. The most I ever run for exercise now is on my treadmill for the length of time it takes me to listen to the Scriptural Rosary podcast I use from my Laudate app. So I run 1.7 miles on a fairly regular basis. Occasionally less. Never more.

However, I recently started reading the blog This Ain’t the Lyceum, written by Kelly Mantoan. She has two little boys with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), Fulton and Teddy. She is trying to raise awareness of SMA by running 35K for SMA (seven 5K runs), and I’ve decided to run 5K (3.1 miles) sometime during the week of June 16th to participate virtually in run #6. If anyone wants to join me, you can read more about it here (go to Quick take #3) or about the whole 35K for SMA here (and with the last link you can donate to help families with children who have SMA pay for things like medical equipment and bills).


This next one is actually a bit of an old story, but I’m grasping for material today and I never mind making fun of myself a little bit, and I mentioned Kelly’s blog. . . So I’ll share a little embarrassing moment with you.

Several weeks ago, round about the end of April, I somehow found Kelly’s blog and started reading through a couple of posts. I came across one titled, “New Web Design Services!” I had been toying with the idea of doing some updating to my blog’s design, so this really caught my eye. I love to give support to other mom bloggers in their business endeavors, books, fundraisers, etc., so I thought it would be great to contact Kelly and maybe have her do a bit of redesign for me.

I read quickly through the post, then shot off a quick email to her telling her that I’d love to hire her.

I failed to notice the date of the post. April 1. You can see where this is going.

I got a nice reply to my email in which Kelly informed me that the post was an April Fool’s prank. She kindly suggested that I look a bit more closely at her “redesigns” to see that she had made them quite hideous in fun. And she did give me some suggestions for people who actually do web design work.

I was mortified! In my defense, it was my first visit to her site and I hadn’t quite realized at that point that funny is her thing. I am such a dork.


A few days ago my two big girls got up much earlier than their little sister and came downstairs for snuggles. I started looking through old pictures with them on my computer, and of course they were fascinated. They especially liked the photos of Miss “reading” to Lass when they were much younger (before Sis was even born). She used to recite that Snow White book from memory several times a day.

DSC_0355They liked the pics so much, they decided to recreate the moment, with the same book even:


They are the best of friends. I love it.


Sis has taken to calling my husband by his first name. All the time. “Ben!” she yells. Or she asks, “Where Ben?” or “What Ben Doing?” It’s a little jarring every time she does it. When I try to correct her, “You mean, where’s Daddy?” she says, “No. Where Ben?” She’s so sassy these days.



I made it to seven!! We’re going to the Farm today. After my husband gets home from work. Which should be very soon so I need to finish packing.

Have a great weekend! See more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes – Can I make it to seven with child labor, an embarrassing story, and who knows what else?

  1. Visiting (a little late!) from 7QT…your girls are adorable and I am so excited to have another boy so my boys can be best friends, too. Also…embarrassing moments…there should be a link up. 🙂

  2. Ha! I love how you shared the blog re-design story! When I got your email I first thought maybe I should just go ahead and offer to help redesign your site because I didn’t want to point out my post had been a joke and possibly embarrass you, but as my husband kindly pointed out to me, that would probably backfire as I don’t actually know what I’m doing.
    And thanks for the #35K4SMA shout out! I’m looking forward to your sweaty selfie!

    • Haha! That’s so thoughtful that you didn’t want to embarrass me. It’s okay though. I embarrass myself on a fairly regular basis, so it’s no big deal 🙂

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