Someday Sisters

We had some serious dress up playing today. Serious as in, they really had to get into character so they took their regular clothes off to be more authentic in their dresses.

Lass was Rapunzel and Miss was Flynn Rider. Miss was directing the play. She selected the dresses for Lass and helped her into each one. Then they’d have a dance, run around through the “kingdom,” and do it all over again.

DSC_0585 DSC_0586

Apparently in their version of Rapunzel, Flynn doesn’t wear a shirt.

DSC_0612 DSC_0614

They were so fun to watch.


My favorite part was watching Miss help Lass get into her dresses.


They are such good friends. I couldn’t help but picture them someday helping each other get ready for big dances, dates, or job interviews, doing each other’s hair, and helping to pick outfits and accessories. All the things sisters do in my imagination. Perhaps they’re more likely to fight over who gets to drive the car and the fact that one is wearing the other’s shirt without asking. I’m sure there will be both of these types of moments, especially when they’re teenagers. I know they will bicker and fight. I hope, and I believe, that they will also be the best and truest of friends. They already are.

DSC_0606 DSC_0607 DSC_0582

(Even Sis got in on the action a little bit.)



The last dress Miss had Lass change into was her “wedding dress.” I’d be lying if I said this didn’t bring a tear to my eye.


Look at her, helping to adjust her sister in her “wedding dress.”


Someday my girls will be helping each other get ready for big moments like weddings and babies. I don’t have a sister, so I’m totally in awe of this relationship. I am truly thankful that they have each other and that they show their love for each other so much every day. Of course they bicker, they argue over toys, they don’t like to take turns. But I see such tenderness and thoughtfulness between them every day as well.

They’re playing dress up. They’re playing Rapunzel and Flynn (in today’s scenario they got married to each other).

But they’re also practicing being good sisters. Every day, they are honing their skills of love and support for each other that they will carry on throughout their lives.

Maybe someday I’ll get these photos out and show them on Lass’s real wedding day. *Sniff*

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