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  1. Since you’re all things “Baby Catholic:”

    Sunday we went to Mass at a church we don’t always attend. The priest there died suddenly in January and the parochial vicar who was brand spanking new out of Seminary was temporarily promoted to sustain parish life. On Sunday, he announced that he has been assigned there as pastor for the next 6 years and there will be a ceremony on May 31st to confirm/install him as the pastor there. I don’t recall him using the word “confirm” (maybe install?), but my husband who is Baptist used it when he asked me what it means for a priest to be confirmed as a pastor of a church. I told him it doesn’t change anything spiritually – he’s just as a much a priest after May 31st as he was before – but it is probably a Mass/ceremony naming him as the pastor of the church. I thought it may also be a part of the diocesan Mass anointing new priests or announcing other assignments for the year. Do you know anything about this? My husband’s question has kind of stuck with me since I don’t think I answered it completely for him.


    Here We Geaux

    • From what I understand, the installation Mass is just done as a way of acknowledging the new role of the pastor of the parish. It’s separate from the ceremony of Holy Orders for new priests, but I don’t know if they would combine it with any other new assignments for the year. There isn’t always an installation Mass for a new pastor, but maybe they’re having one in your case so everyone will know that he is moving from the “interim” pastor to the permanent one. The ceremony itself isn’t what gives him the position of pastor, it’s the letter from the Bishop that does that. Does that help? 🙂

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