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Revisiting Allowance (Otherwise Known as Revising a Bad Parenting Decision)

You may remember that I posted almost a year ago about my kids (mostly Miss)┬áconstantly asking to save their allowance for things. At the time, I thought that they were mostly only asking to save their allowances for items as … Continue reading

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Princess vs. Barbie

We have lots of princess dolls at our house. ^^ Thank you to my Mother-in-law for that storage idea ^^ My girls ask for them as gifts. They save their allowances to buy them. They love their princess dolls.   … Continue reading

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More On Yoga Pants. And Kindness. And Being Judgmental.

I have had an interesting response to last week’s “Yoga-Pants-Wearing Mom” post. The post was featured on BlogHer, and it has received quite a few comments over there and on their Facebook page. Apparently lots of people have opinions about … Continue reading

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Someday Sisters

We had some serious dress up playing today. Serious as in, they really had to get into character so they took their regular clothes off to be more authentic in their dresses. Lass was Rapunzel and Miss was Flynn Rider. … Continue reading

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9 Reasons I’m Not a Feminist (and Maybe You Aren’t Either)

This is an issue that has been on my mind lately for various reasons. It has repeatedly come to my attention in the past few weeks, like when I recently read this article about women now being allowed in combat. … Continue reading

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18 Things My Daughters Will Know Before They Turn 18

The other day I was wandering around Pinterest, and I saw something that caught my eye. It was titled something like “15 things you should teach your daughter before she turns 18.” I don’t know why (it’s not like I … Continue reading

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