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Preschool – X Marks the Spot and X-Ray

We finally covered letter X in our home preschool and co-op a few weeks ago. I hadn’t been looking forward to it, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to find nearly as much inspiration from Pinterest and other sources as … Continue reading

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Going to Catholic School?

I met with the principal at the local Catholic school today. Next fall Miss will be starting kindergarten. But since I homeschool my kids, you might wonder why I would bother to meet with a school principal.   I had … Continue reading

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Yesterday we took the girls on a long treasure hunt. It was cold and windy. We ended up with one shell, one piece of shell, and two pieces of hickory nut husk as our “treasures.” Not much in the way … Continue reading

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Halloween Fun

This is a big photo post to share some fun Halloween pics. We had lots of fun doing pumpkin and Halloween stuff in school the past two weeks. We did marble painting to make spider webs Or spoon painting… Lots … Continue reading

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Getting Rid of Fruit Flies – A Preschool Science Experiment

I loathe fruit flies. All summer I was very particular about handling things in my kitchen to prevent their taking up residence there. I always place fruit waste in plastic grocery bags before putting them in the garbage, I run … Continue reading

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First Day of School

I know I’m kind of behind the times and that everyone else has been doing school for at least a couple of weeks already, but I don’t care. Today was our first day of school. We’ve actually been doing school … Continue reading

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So Um, This is the Bible…

I have started trying to incorporate some religion into our homeschool lessons. I have to laugh a bit at myself as I think about it, because it’s been a little awkward so far. I end up saying things like, “So … Continue reading

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23 Picture Books About Horses

We recently finished a unit on horses. My kids love horses, so this was a really fun one. If fact, we did this unit at their request. As I always do, I got tons of picture books to read and … Continue reading

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The Simple Things

Sometimes the littlest things make me the happiest. Like watching my kids play with rocks. Honestly, I can’t even describe how much I love to watch how creative their play is. With rocks. Miss informed me they were playing a … Continue reading

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Cultivating Bug Love

My girls love being outside. They love getting dirty, wet, chalky, bubble-y. They love the grass and flowers. The birds and animals. They aren’t really huge fans of bugs though. In fact, creepy crawlies are probably their least favorite things … Continue reading

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