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Vacation School

A few months ago, when I was planning for our homeschool year, I sat down and planned out our schedule for the year. No, I am not one of those amazing homeschool moms who planned out every lesson for the … Continue reading

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Grandparents (again), Field Trips (again), and Walls (finally)

Quick Takes Friday! 1. We had a lot of fun with my parents when they were here. We got to celebrate my Mom’s birthday in my very favorite way. With gifts from the Dollar Tree, of course! I let the … Continue reading

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Homeschooling is Going Quite Well, Thanks for Asking

Many people have asked me about how our first few weeks of homeschooling have been going. The answer is they have been going mostly very well. We’ve already taken several field trips, and Five in a Row has been the … Continue reading

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7QT, Theme Thursday, All in One

Linking with Jen and Cari today. 1. Cari’s Theme Thursday this week was “Google Image Search.” Easy – type your own name into Google Images and share the first image of you that comes up. Except that I am kind of … Continue reading

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Theme Thursday – Panic, New Homeschool Mom Style

Kindergarten. Very soon, our first real year of homeschooling will begin. I’m terrified. And disorganized. And terrified. Cari’s theme for Theme Thursday this week is “Panic” and her post yesterday showed that even veteran homeschooling moms can be in a state … Continue reading

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Preschool – X Marks the Spot and X-Ray

We finally covered letter X in our home preschool and co-op a few weeks ago. I hadn’t been looking forward to it, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to find nearly as much inspiration from Pinterest and other sources as … Continue reading

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Going to Catholic School?

I met with the principal at the local Catholic school today. Next fall Miss will be starting kindergarten. But since I homeschool my kids, you might wonder why I would bother to meet with a school principal.   I had … Continue reading

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Yesterday we took the girls on a long treasure hunt. It was cold and windy. We ended up with one shell, one piece of shell, and two pieces of hickory nut husk as our “treasures.” Not much in the way … Continue reading

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Halloween Fun

This is a big photo post to share some fun Halloween pics. We had lots of fun doing pumpkin and Halloween stuff in school the past two weeks. We did marble painting to make spider webs Or spoon painting… Lots … Continue reading

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Getting Rid of Fruit Flies – A Preschool Science Experiment

I loathe fruit flies. All summer I was very particular about handling things in my kitchen to prevent their taking up residence there. I always place fruit waste in plastic grocery bags before putting them in the garbage, I run … Continue reading

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