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7 Quick Takes, Damma and Tuppa Version

We are visiting my parents this week. Otherwise known as “Damma and Tuppa” by Sis. ¬†^^Every day, “Where my Tuppa?,” she says. Here’s what we’re up to: 1. My Mom recently hosted a big Lego event at her library. As … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Making Family Movie Nights Fun

After writing about our “Drive-in” movie-themed and “Brave” archery party, I thought it would be fun to share this guest post from Jenny Franklin, who writes for¬†Party Pail. She also has some good ideas for a themed family movie night. … Continue reading

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Just like when I was a little girl, visiting my Gram still makes me happy. She is a one-of-a-kind special lady. And even better now, I get to see my girls love her too. Visits to my Grandma’s house always … Continue reading

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Random Christmas Catch-Up

I haven’t felt like writing much this past week. I guess I’ve just been savoring Christmas time. I think this post will likely end up being a jumble of thoughts on our Christmas-ing thus far. Such as: I’m thankful we … Continue reading

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Our $5 Birthday Tradition

I think I might be experiencing the beginnings of a sinus infection today. Consequently, my brain feels like a blob of sludge. Instead of trying to write anything coherent, I’m just going to share lots of photos from our birthday … Continue reading

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Kentucky Family Fun

It’s that time of year again where I bring you the we’re-at-my-parents’-house-here-are-a-ton-of-photos post. This post will include all of the same elements that always make an appearance in those about Christmas with my family. 1. Silliness with Grandma (and playing … Continue reading

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Work, Eat, Play – Happy Thanksgiving

We just had one of the best Thanksgivings ever. It started bright and early in our kitchen this morning. We started baking pies right after breakfast. The girls helped me sort the contents of some old change jars to get … Continue reading

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Why Do I Blog? Three Reasons.

I have been thinking about the evolution of this little blog of mine. It’s funny for me to think of how and why I got started doing this, and how and why I have continued. Oh wait. You don’t know … Continue reading

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7 Reasons I Love My Mother-In-Law

I don’t know much about raising a son. I know lots of people who have done or are doing an amazing job of it. My Mom did a pretty great job with my brother. My Auntie with my cousin. My … Continue reading

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The Labor Day Party – Part 3 and Final

It’s Friday! Linking up with Conversion Diary. Here is Part 3 and Final in my series on the Labor Day Party. Sorry it’s a bit belated, but I got distracted by the girls’ baptisms over the weekend and my parents’ … Continue reading

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