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Five Favorites – You Must See This Fabulous Way of Cutting Grapes!

1. I know. That title sounds a little dramatic. But truly, this is my favorite new thing. A new, totally awesome way of cutting grapes in half (The video is only a few seconds long. Watch it. It could change your life): … Continue reading

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Christmas Cards – I Have a New Source

A few days ago, I got an email from someone at Minted. As soon as I saw the subject line, I figured it was about asking me to do some sort of post about some sort of product (I didn’t … Continue reading

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Sharing Dessert, Pig Slaughter, and Advent

Linking up with Conversion Diary 1. This is something I have never really thought about before, but apparently sharing a dessert at a restaurant is an intimate act. I went out for dinner with Super Friend the other night. The … Continue reading

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A Horse-Themed Birthday Party, With Sparkly Tail Tutorial

I always love the process of planning themed birthday parties for my kids. I enjoy looking around for fun and inexpensive ways to bring a theme into a party. I realize that makes me sound like a big dork. I’m sure … Continue reading

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The Simple Things

Sometimes the littlest things make me the happiest. Like watching my kids play with rocks. Honestly, I can’t even describe how much I love to watch how creative their play is. With rocks. Miss informed me they were playing a … Continue reading

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A Wrestling Meet, a Birthday, Some Great-Grandparents, and Disney World

Warning: This post has a lot of photos in it. I can’t help it. We are on vacation, and in the past week we’ve watched a cousin compete (and win 5th place!) in his HS State Wrestling tournament, had a … Continue reading

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What Does One Really Need for a New Baby?

I know several people who have recently become first time parents, or are about to become first time parents in the next few months.  Some of these people have asked me for my opinion or advice on a few things, … Continue reading

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Just returned tonight from another week in the blogging black hole (my parents’ house).  We had a great visit, and I’ll post about that soon.  But tonight I’m tired from a long day in the car and little sleep last … Continue reading

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$1 can buy some great stuff.  A friend of mine told me about these little drums that hang around kids’ necks in the $1 section at Target.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love the $1 section at Target? … Continue reading

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The Holiday Spirit

I’m really getting into the holiday spirit now.  That means I’m listening to Christmas music, enjoying the lights and decor, and starting to get a lot of my shopping done, which means looking for good bargains.  Of course, if you … Continue reading

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