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Groundhog Day Has Never Been So Fun (Repost)

You might have noticed that I have been experiencing some technical difficulties in the past few days. I woke up Sunday morning to discover that everything that I have done to my blog since late August is gone. All my … Continue reading

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7QT In Case You’re Wondering What I’ll Be Doing This Weekend…

Linking up with Conversion Diary. It’s Labor Day! It’s pretty much the biggest weekend of the year for our family. Here is a repost from last year, just in case you were wondering what we’ll be up to this weekend: … Continue reading

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So Big, and Yet So Small – The First Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday morning, when I went in to wake Miss up for her first full day of kindergarten away from home, I stood and gazed at her for a second before rousing her. I brushed her hair back from her sleeping face, … Continue reading

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Answer Me This – Mmmmm, Cheese!

This is the last time Kendra is hosting the Answer Me This link up (at least for now), so I couldn’t miss out this week. 1. What is your favorite picture book? Oh my. No way could I answer with … Continue reading

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7QT, Theme Thursday, All in One

Linking with Jen and Cari today. 1. Cari’s Theme Thursday this week was “Google Image Search.” Easy – type your own name into Google Images and share the first image of you that comes up. Except that I am kind of … Continue reading

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Answer Me This – Mass Confusion

I’m linking with Kendra for Answer Me This again. For fun, you should give your answers in the combox 1. What is your favorite room in the house? The office. Really just my chair, but since the chair is in the office, … Continue reading

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Baby Catholic Answers All the Things, Volume 5 – Birth Control and NFP

First of all, let me note that this Natural Family Planning (NFP) post is NOT a how-to. I don’t really even know much about the practice of NFP. I’m just going to write about my understanding of why the teachings of … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes – Evidence of Summer Fun and a Couple of Other Random Thoughts

Linking up with Jen. 1. I have been a little off the past few weeks. I’ve wanted to write more, but nothing I’ve come up with has been right. I’m starting to feel like getting back in the swing, so I … Continue reading

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I’m in a Blogging Slump, BUT – Iowa State Fair!

Oh, the Iowa State Fair. I have such a love for something that is only mine through marriage. I grew up in Michigan and never once went to the state fair. The only thing I even knew about the Michigan … Continue reading

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Theme Thursday – Panic, New Homeschool Mom Style

Kindergarten. Very soon, our first real year of homeschooling will begin. I’m terrified. And disorganized. And terrified. Cari’s theme for Theme Thursday this week is “Panic” and her post yesterday showed that even veteran homeschooling moms can be in a state … Continue reading

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