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I’m Amy, The Mom.  My husband and I have three beautiful daughters under six years old.  Miss is 5.  Lass is 3.  And Sis is 2.  I used to work as a clinical/forensic psychologist, but I chose to stop working and stay home to raise our girls.  We try to focus on family and to us that means spending time together and often traveling to have lots of time with our extended families who live far away.  I love to cook, read, write, craft, and take lots and lots of photos.  This blog is my way to document our life and share it with our family and friends.  I also just love to write about being a mom and other various endeavors.


I started writing this blog in September 2009 and switched from Blogger to WordPress in the summer of 2012. If you’d like to look around at some of the posts I’ve written over the years, I have a few categories in the header to help you find things you may be interested in:

There are a few posts that I’ve done over the past few years that seem to have had a bit more impact than others, judging by comments people have left here or made to me personally.  I’ve collected those posts under the heading “Adventures in Mothering.”  Many of them are my favorites.  Reading them is a good way to “get” who I am.

I used to be an atheist. Up until January 2013, I was a nonbeliever. At that time, I began a journey to learn about faith and religion, and ended up falling in love with the Catholic Faith. I’ve written several posts describing this journey, which are grouped under the obvious header, “Religion.”

I love to cook and have been trying to create my own recipes more lately, especially recipes that fit into our goal to eat according to the paleo diet.  My husband and I also played around for a while doing an at-home version of the show “Chopped” in which we randomly selected three ingredients and I then had to use these to make dinner.  I have done several posts with recipes, filed obviously under the heading with that name.

My husband calls me a Mommy Gear-Head because I love to research and try all the best baby, toddler, and preschooler gadgets I can find.  I try to avoid buying cheap, unnecessary crap, though a few times I have been duped.  When I find something awesome, I share it with you.  Because that’s what nice people do, we share.  Enjoy.


I occasionally tackle craft projects and post about my adventures in crafting or sewing.  The DIY page highlights various things I’ve made, some of which include tutorials.

I decided to homeschool my girls in June 2012 and started actually doing preschool at home at the start of November 2012. If you want to know my thoughts on homeschooling and the process through which I’m learning how to do it, you can find all that I’ve written about the topic under that heading.

This is my space to write about my family, post lots of photos, sometimes post recipes, and tell plenty of stories about being a Mom.  I try to write about motherhood in all its glory, including the beautiful times, the ugly moments, and even some of the humdrum in between.  I try to find the humor in even the toughest moments, and usually end up laughing at myself.  If you enjoy it (or even if you don’t), I’d love to hear from you!

2 Responses to A little about me

  1. Heidi says:

    Hi Amy,

    thanks for stopping by, I’m following you back and looking forward to getting to know you!

  2. Hi Amy-

    I’m Erika – nice to meet you …well, sort of….. :) I just read your post from the Hip Homeschool Moms newsletter and wanted you to know I loved it! I really enjoyed the photographs of your girls and the focus on being engaged with your children. I am still very new at all of this – mommyhood, writing, blogging….and I too also recently left a professional career, veterinary medicine…..to work on the art and science of being a stay at home mom :) I look forward to following your adventures in future posts! ….ps…..I also love “Note to self – a photo is never that important.”…..I have a great pic of a screaming newborn in a too tight ladybug Halloween outfit I wish I could show you right now :) oh, the stories they’ll have when they get older, sigh…..

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